MBP Games was started just for hobby, and will always be hobby. At least me personaly, the creator of this "Studio". You'd expect me to say something about a goal here, but we're just here for the fun of developing games and software. - Mike
For doccumentation purposes, I came up with MBP Games around late 2021. Back then, it was called DCG games. The name was comprised of the first letters of our discord names. The third person soon quit so for a while, it was just CG. After some time, we met someone, then the branding was switched to MBP Games. This was comprised of the first letter of our last names. However, once again the third person left so for now, it's just MP. - Mike
Have fun developing games as a hobby? Or not just games but programming in general? Consider joining us. - Mike

MBP Games
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